Frank Melville Park

One of the things I have found since my hip surgery is that I have to move throughout the day. If I sit too long, I become stiff and sore so that when I finally do get up it takes me a few seconds before I can actually begin moving. In addition to getting up and walking around the building during my work day, I try to get in a 20 to 30 minute walk during my lunch hour. And of course I try to take longer walks / hikes during the weekend.

I knew it was going to be difficult getting in a hike this weekend between festivities for St. Patrick’s Day and working on Saturday but I figured a short walk to Frank Melville Memorial Park during my lunch hour would do the trick.

    Now flowers copyI don’t consider myself the most observant person around,
so I was delighted as I set out on my walk to find snowdrops in full bloom
and pussy willows buds partially opened.


birdMy ability to locate small birds by their songs is also almost nonexistent but this one was kind enough to sit while I took his picture.
Of course, based on his size he may not have been able to fly too far.

Frank Melville Park is located in Setauket behind the old Setauket Post Office.

bridge copy

The rhododendron lined path offers views of the pond and there is the occasional bench so that one can sit and admire the view.bench copy

A stone bridge and a mill house are located at the far end of the path.

I completed the loop and headed back to work for a total outing of about 20 minutes or approximately 1 mile.


One thought on “Frank Melville Park

  1. Nice post- I especially like the pic with the bench- a pleasing composition. Jealous of your weather- we have up to 10″ of snow forecast for next two days.

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