Sunken Meadow


 It has been 4 1/2 months since my total hip replacement and it is time to get back outdoors and return to hiking.

 Since Long Island is fairly flat and my limit on these outings is probably less than 4 hours some may argue that my hikes are actually long walks.

The day promised to sunny and warm so we headed out to Sunken Meadow State Park.

SunkenMeadow.06 copy

We drove to parking field 3, parked in a corner away from the beach, and walked across the road and over the bridge. Thought we would follow the Greenbelt Trail for a little while, so we walked through the picnic field towards the trail. Between the recent snowfall and warming temperatures the field was quite muddy so I was glad to have trekking poles to help me maneuver the soft, squishy terrain.

The trail led a little too close to the road and looked like it was going to take us  out of the park so we backtracked to the picnic grounds to follow the ridge overlooking the Long Island Sound. Along the way, we saw the remains of last year’s foliage still visible through the snow.

SunkenMeadow.01 copy


I had some difficulty with the hilly portion of this trail but I persevered and was rewarded with some great views of the water. Trekking poles certainly gave   me  a little more stability here but I was still very tentative on the steep terrain. I have noticed since my surgery that I am very nervous making my way  through    icy conditions.


We would have attempted the loop but  my leg was getting sore at this point so we turned around to head back to the parking lot. On the way we watched a hawk soaring overhead.

We crossed back over the bridge, admiring the reeds illuminated by the late afternoon sun.

SunkenMeadow.05 copy


This hike was about 3 miles. All in all it was a very pleasant first hike.


2 thoughts on “Sunken Meadow

  1. I love your posts please keep it up. I love to walk and want so much for my husband to join me. He is over weight and can’t walk to far. I on the other hand can walk for miles. Thanks for the great pictures and writings. I look forward to walking on these trails with my husband. Have a great weekend. Thanks- Cindy

    • Glad you are enjoying my postings, Cindy. Interesting that I actually started this blog as motivation to get out an exercise more. Knowing I had to post every week forced me to get in a walk every week, even if it is just a humble post about walking the neighborhood.

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